World’s Highest-Paid Music Stars of 2016!

9. Calvin Harris (63 Million)

Calvin took in over 60 million and kept his crown as the highest-earning DJ in the world.  The bulk of his live shows were in Las Vegas — allowing him to easily fly-in and fly-out on his private jet from his home in Los Angeles.

8. Rolling Stones (66.5 Million)

The Stones played just over 25 shows this year, but most were in American football stadiums, so they still managed to easily earn more than the likes of Justin Bieber and Katy Perry.

7. AC/DC (67.5 Million)

AC/DC has enjoyed almost 50 years of making Rock & Roll with no signs of slowing down! 2016 was no different. When lead singer Brian Johnson dropped off their tour due to a medical condition, they quickly replaced him with Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose and continued rocking!

6. Garth Brooks (70 Million)

The country legend’s comeback tour continues for the second year, passing over 100 million in sales. With dates planned through the summer and talk of touring worldwide through 2017,  you can expect see Brooks on this list next year as well.

5. Rihanna (75 Million)

Although Rihanna’s latest album, “Anti,” has sold less than any No. 1 album in history, she continues to top the charts around the world. RiRi recently broke Elvis Presley’s record when she achieved her 21st top five single. When she’s not counting cash from music sales, Rihanna has earned her way onto the highest paid list through endorsement deals with Samsung, Puma, Stance, and Dior.

4. Madonna (76.5 Million)

The Material Girl’s recent “Rebel Heart” tour grossed a whopping $170 million, bringing her career total on the road to $1.4 billion. Madge also took in millions from perfume and clothing; her net worth has now reached over $550 million. That’s about 1 million for every ex-boyfriend!

3. Adele (80.5 Million)

Adele’s new album sold a record 3.4 million copies in it’s opening week, which makes her the only artist on the list to earn more than 1/2 her income from album sales alone. She also grossed MILLIONS for each and every concert she performed on tour this year.

2. One Direction (110 Million)

The boys “On The Road Again” tour took in over $200 million, despite Zayn leaving the group in March 2015. One Direction might be on hiatus, but they are still the top-earning boy band of all-time. With multiple new dads in the group, they deserve the extra cash!

1. Taylor Swift (170 Million)

T-Swift raked in more money than any other music artist in 2016, thanks to her “1989 World Tour” which grossed $200 million in North America alone, and another quarter of a billion dollars in total worldwide. And don’t forget her shameless promo deals with Diet Coke, Keds, Apple, and more.